CuWeRE collaborates with the Royal College of Music and ShareMusic and Performing Arts organization from Sweden

The Cultural Well-being Research and Education Centre (CuWeRE), the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and the ShareMusic and Performing Arts organization in Sweden have agreed to collaborate in the fields of research, development, innovation, and education. Through this agreement, the parties aim to impact society by promoting inclusive musical practices and challenging ableist thinking (the assumption of non-disability as the norm) in the arts.

“Our shared goal is to be an international leader in the development and research of inclusive arts engagement and education”, state senior lecturer Sanna Kivijärvi and principal lecturer Laura Huhtinen-Hildén, who are responsible for the collaboration.

Chief Executive and Artistic Director of the ShareMusic and Performing Arts Sophia Alexandersson, and Senior Lecturer from the Royal College of Music Klas Nevrin visited Metropolia on 28th May 2024. They welcome this opportunity to expand the existing networks in the area: “Interdisciplinary research and development is at the core of this initiative. We believe it is important to bring together the civil society, arts and public sector and academia to address contemporary challenges in society.”

The partnership, initiated in November 2023 and formalized in May 2024, offers opportunities for research, development, innovation and artistic practices, collaboration in continuous learning, organizing seminars and other cultural well-being events, and educational and expert cooperation in degree and continuing education programs.

More information:

Sanna Kivijärvi, Senior Lecturer, Principal Investigator
Metropolia UAS