Laura Huhtinen-Hildén

Ph.D. MMus, researcher, principal lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Laura Huhtinen-Hildén (Ph.D. MMus, music therapist, supervisor) works at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as principal lecturer and researcher (music pedagogy & arts, health and wellbeing) in CuWeRE center. She also serves as head of the Creativity and Arts in Social and Health fields (CRASH) master’s programme.

In her work, she aims to develop knowledge-basis, structures and education in cultural wellbeing field in Finland and beyond. Her ongoing research projects focus on 1) possibilities of creativity and arts to advance well-being and inclusion; 2) using creative group activities in social and health fields practice; and 3) unravelling concepts and developing understanding of competencies needed cultural wellbeing field. She is the author of many teaching materials, articles and books related to music education and arts, culture and creativity advancing wellbeing.

In her free time, she enjoys walks in the forest with her two dogs (sometimes also two cats) and sings as she goes.